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Vaginal Birth Had Potential For Birth Injury

Despite continuing advances in technology and medical science, there are still many things that can go wrong during pregnancy or childbirth. In some cases, the complications or the negligence of doctors may result in a birth injury to the child or injury to the mother. When the injury could have been avoided and the actions or inaction of a medical professional are at fault, consulting with a Philadelphia birth injury lawyer can provide needed guidance and assistance concerning what steps to take next.

In Germany, a woman recently gave birth to a baby girl weighing over 13 pounds. Although such a large birth weight can create significant complications for a vaginal delivery, potentially resulting in injury to the baby, the doctors in this case felt that a C-section was very risky due to the size of both the mother and the baby. It was later determined that the mother suffered from undiagnosed gestational diabetes, which is one of the causes of such a large birth weight baby. Because of the baby’s size and the potential complications, there were many medical professionals present at the birth, including surgeons, midwives, an anesthesiologist and a caesarian specialist.

Even though this particular childbirth did not result in any extreme complications or birth injuries, Philadelphia mothers and their children are not always so lucky. After waiting for nine months for their beloved child to join them, it is especially heartbreaking when something goes wrong and causes significant injury to the newborn. Birth injuries can also affect the mother if she is not given proper care during the birth or if dangerous conditions are not diagnosed.

Birth injuries are varied and can include inflection, seizures, cerebral palsy, broken clavicle, and many others. If the injury results in a long-lasting medical condition or problem, there may be a lifetime of medical treatment and the accompanying bills ahead, in addition to the emotional pain and trauma. For Philadelphia families dealing with a birth injury, a Philadelphia birth injury attorney can provide valuable information and guidance about how to recover critical compensation for the damages suffered.

Source:, “13.5lbs German Baby Born Without C-Section,” Anne McQuary, Aug. 1, 2013

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