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Water Tower Accident Near Philadelphia Leaves 1 Dead, 1 Injured

A man recently lost his life while on the job performing maintenance on a water tower just outside of central Philadelphia. The man and another employee who was rescued both fell into the water tower, and the accident is still under investigation by federal agents. Pennsylvania premises liability lawyers say that work accidents are a large source of premises liability claims.

Though the official cause of the water tower accident has not been announced, rare accidents like this one can be caused by an unsafe condition on the property. There are a few situations in which the owner of premises can be held responsible for injury that occurred on the property. If the owner should have known of a dangerous condition, actually did know about the dangerous condition but failed to fix it or caused the dangerous condition, then they may be held liable.

Premises liability cases can hinge on key issues like whether an owner made a reasonable effort to make sure that the premises was safe. Another issue that is important to prove is that the owner should have known about the dangerous condition, which can be a decision left up to the decision maker in a case, like a jury or a judge.

If someone is injured on another person or entity’s property, then they may be able to recover for their injuries. And if the worst happens and a person is killed because of a dangerous condition, then the surviving family could seek damages on behalf of the deceased.

If property owners fail to keep land, buildings or structures in safe condition, then they should be held liable for injuries or death that occur as a result.

Source: WTXF Philadelphia, “Investigators Release Name Of Victim In Water Tank Accident,” Dec. 6, 2012

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