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What Are A Family's Legal Options In A Birth Injury Case?

The birth of child is a life changing and joyous experience for many parents. All parents and their respective families generally look forward to welcoming a new life, and hope that the newest addition will be healthy. Even though medical services and technology are advanced enough to ease the birthing process, any Philadelphia birth injury attorney will agree that giving birth to a child carries risks for both the mother and the child, and medical mistakes can occur which can, for instance, result in a traumatic brain injury.

Parents in the Philadelphia area may find it helpful to learn that attorneys at The Colleran Firm understand how devastating and life changing a birth injury can be. Without a doubt, when any harm results to an innocent baby, it can emotionally scar a family. In many cases the family may want answers, and may want to hold a negligent doctor or healthcare provider responsible for the harm to their child.

Attempting to understand the pain and grief parents go through during such times is impossible, but our attorneys may be able to help the grieving family make some crucial decisions about the future care of their child.

Where a birth injury has occurred, the child will more than likely require medical care and help for the rest of their livfe. Staff at The Colleran Firm is experienced at assisting families during such difficult times. We will work in the best interest of the family by aggressively seeking compensation for the care of child, and holding the negligent parties such as the doctor, nurse, hospital and other healthcare providers responsible for their negligent actions.

Parents who believe that their child has suffered a birth injury may benefit from a free consultation with a Philadelphia birth injury attorney.

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