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What Are Some Examples Of Premises Liability?

Most of our Pennsylvania readers have likely heard about the term premises liability but many may not necessarily know what situations qualify. A Philadelphia Premises Liability lawyer will essentially agree that premises liability arises when a property owner fails to maintain their property free of hazardous conditions and injuries to visitors, tenants or patrons happen. The property owner may potentially be held liable for those injuries. However, it is very important to keep in mind that every case is different and an experienced attorney can evaluate one’s specific circumstances to determine if a valid premises liability case exists.

So, what are some examples of premises liability? The one most people are probably familiar with or have heard about is when a patron slips-and-falls on a wet or slick floor in a store, restaurant or hotel. The reason for a slippery floor can vary, such as someone dropped a drink at a store and employees or employers at the store failed to clean it up. The failure to clean the floor resulted in someone slipping and falling and injuring themselves.

Another example of premises liability is inadequate security. For such cases, the property owner should have known that a potential for its patrons to be mugged or attacked near its premises was a possibility due to it being in a high crime locale, and the property owner could have prevented that attack by furnishing adequate warnings and taking appropriate security measures.

It is important to keep in mind that simply because one slips and falls does not automatically entitle the person to compensation for any resulting injuries. A premises liability lawyer can closely examine specific facts and help determine if there is valid case.

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