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What You Should Know About Premises Liability Accidents

When visiting a place of business such as a mall, department store or restaurant there is an expectation from the customer that the property owner will keep the publicly accessible areas free of hazardous conditions such as slippery floors or broken stairways. However, even though property owners have an on-going duty to keep their property in a safe condition, some neglect to do so.

Any Philadelphia premises liability lawyer will agree that the failure of a property owner to maintain their property exposes visitors and customers to potentially dangerous and hazardous conditions which can result in injuries and in some cases death. The duty to keep premises free of unsafe conditions in not limited to only commercial property owners but also applies to private entities such as a home owner.

For instance, a home owner who owns a dog has a duty to ensure that their dog does not bite a guest or visitor. If however a dog bites a visitor or guest while on their private property, the property owner may be held liable for damages, and the victim of the dog bite may be entitled to compensation for the harm caused.

Other examples of premises liability accidents include slip-and-fall accidents attributable to inadequate housekeeping at a place of business; failure on part of a building owner or apartment complex to maintain and fix a broken or damaged stairway which can cause a visitor or tenant to lose their balance and fall; dimly lit areas on a property which may pose a security risk or result in an individual not seeing a step and falling; and any dangerous property code violation such as broken elevators, fire code violations, faulty fire and carbon monoxide detectors and use of banned toxic substances such as lead based paint and asbestos containing materials.

If you believe that you have suffered a premises liability accident, lawyers at The Colleran Firm can evaluate the specific facts of your case and offer legal options where appropriate.

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