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Philadelphia Lawyers for Victims of Blood Infection or Sepsis

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed due to blood poisoning from sepsis or septic shock, The Colleran Firm in Philadelphia can help

Have you or someone you love suffered blood infections/sepsis after surgery or a hospital stay? Unfortunately, many of these infections are preventable and occur as the result of malpractice.

The Colleran Firm has been handling medical malpractice cases, including those involving blood infections, since 1995. To discuss the circumstances of your illness with one of our Philadelphia attorneys, please contact us online. We offer a free consultation.

What is Sepsis?

Blood infections, also known as sepsis, can lead to severe illness and are potentially fatal. When a patient becomes “septic,” or experiences “septic shock,” he or she will likely have low blood pressure that can lead to poor circulation and damage to vital tissues and organs. People with poor immune systems, such as those going through chemotherapy or who have certain illnesses such as diabetes, are more prone to sepsis. Elderly individuals, young children and hospitalized patients may also be at risk of a blood infection.

While bacteria are the most common cause of sepsis in patients, viruses and fungi may also cause infection. Hospital Acquired Infections that start in the lungs (pneumonia), bladder and kidneys (urinary tract infections), skin (cellulitis), and other areas can spread and lead to sepsis if they are not properly diagnosed and treated in a timely manner. Sometimes, infections that develop during or after surgery may also lead to sepsis.

Blood Poisoning and Death Due to Septic Shock

While some infections are treated properly, others cause serious medical problems that require additional surgery or more extensive medical treatment. An unfortunate number of blood infections turn into septic shock and result in wrongful death. Our attorneys will thoroughly investigate the reason for your infection, and if we determine that negligence was the cause, we will aggressively pursue the compensation that you deserve.

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The attorneys at The Colleran Firm handle serious injury cases caused by health care provider negligence and medical malpractice in Pennsylvania & New Jersey.

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