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We're You Injured Due to Preventable Pharmacy Mistakes?

If you were injured due to pharmaceutical malpractice, Philadelphia pharmacy errors lawyer from The Colleran Firm can help

Did Your Pharmacy Make an Error?

Mistakes at pharmacies are responsible for thousands of patient injuries and deaths each year. In most cases, the damages are caused by preventable errors. Whether the mistake was due to a single human error or a systemic problem in the pharmacy, you deserve to be compensated for your injuries.

At The Colleran Firm, our attorneys represent patients and families who have been harmed due to prescription drug errors in hospitals and pharmacies. For a free consultation with a lawyer concerning your injury due to preventable pharmaceutical malpractice, contact us today.

How Often Do Pharmacy Mistakes Occur?

According to one study by Pharmacy Times, 98.3 percent of all medications are correctly prescribed. Of course, that means that an error occurs in 1.7 percent of all prescriptions.  With more than 3 billion medications dispensed per year, that translates into two errors per day for every 125 prescriptions that are filled. Over the course of a year, 51 million dispensing errors will be made, according to the publication.

Why Do Pharmacy Errors Occur?

Those mistakes can have disastrous consequences for patients who receive the wrong medication or the wrong dosage. Pharmacy errors may occur when your prescription is filled at a drug store or a hospital pharmacy. Common errors include:

  • The wrong medication. The wrong medication fails to treat the condition you have and can trigger unexpected adverse effects. The problem is compounded if the prescription is continually refilled in error. This mistake is sometimes made when different drugs have similar names.
  • The wrong dosage of a medicine. Dosage is key to effective treatment. The human body has a delicate balance, and too much of a given compound can cause serious illness or even death.
  • The wrong form of a drug. Drugs come in liquids, pills and other forms. Though they may have the same active ingredients, taking a medication in the wrong form can be dangerous.
  • Another person’s prescription. This mistake will likely result in taking the wrong drug and can have serious consequences. It is often caused by overworked pharmacists, or a poor scanning verification system, which may be a sign of negligent management.
  • Mislabeled drugs. A pharmacist may mistakenly label your medication as a completely different drug. Pharmacists may also print incorrect dosage information about drug interactions.
  • The wrong instructions for taking your drug. Dosage, timing, and manner of administration are key to proper treatment. Most drugs must be administered in a certain way, and it’s a pharmacist’s job to give instructions and answer any questions the patient may have.
  • Failure to warn about adverse drug reactions. Medications have side effects, and every person’s body responds differently to a new drug. Some patients are at higher risk for adverse effects. You’re entitled to information about how the drug you are prescribed could affect you.
  • Failure to warn about dangerous drug combinations. Medications often pose serious health risks when mixed with other drugs. If a pharmacist fails to provide you with information about these risks and how best to manage your regimen, they could be responsible for causing toxicity or even death.

It takes only a moment of inattention for a pharmacist to make a dangerous mistake in providing you with your prescription, but such an error could very well cause a fatal drug overdose.

If you or your loved one was injured after taking a prescription drug, our lawyers will work with experts to determine who made the error. Then we will hold the negligent party accountable for damages such as medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other losses.

Compassionate Philadelphia Pharmacy Errors Lawyer

The Colleran Firm has been studying and trying cases for drug errors and pharmacy mistakes in Philadelphia since 1995. Between our five practicing attorneys we have over a century of experience. To schedule a free consultation to discuss your pharmacy error case with a Philadelphia medical malpractice lawyer, please contact us today. We understand the confusion and pain associated with medical malpractice especially when it involves medication errors.

The attorneys at The Colleran Firm handle serious injury cases caused by health care provider negligence and medical malpractice in Pennsylvania & New Jersey.

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