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Pennsylvania Ob-Gyn Malpractice Lawyers

Gynecologists are responsible for women’s preventive health care and reproductive health care. Obstetricians have the responsibility of caring for two patients, the mother and baby. Some obstetricians specialize in treating patients with high risk pregnancies involving complications such as high blood pressure, diabetes or other factors. Among physicians, ob-gyn doctors are among the medical specialists most likely to be named in a medical malpractice lawsuit. According to a 2015 survey by Medscape, 85 percent of ob-gyn doctors had been named in a lawsuit. While not all injuries during pregnancy and birth amount to malpractice, patients who have been injured by an ob-gyn’s carelessness may be entitled to compensation for the harm they have suffered. Let our compassionate attorneys answer your questions and explain your legal options.

The medical malpractice attorneys at The Colleran Firm have repeatedly been named as Pennsylvania Super Lawyers® and have obtained a significant number of multi-million dollar settlements and verdicts on behalf of injured patients who were victims of doctor’s negligence.  Preparing an ob-gyn malpractice claim is a complicated process and requires a knowledgeable malpractice attorney. It is important to contact a medical negligence attorney quickly to start reviewing your claim within the statute of limitations or legal time frame to file a claim.

How A Medical Malpractice Lawyer Can Help

If you suspect that you were a victim of ob-gyn malpractice, an experienced medical malpractice lawyer at The Colleran Firm can offer a free birth injury consultation to review the specific details regarding your treatment and assess whether you may have a valid ob-gyn negligence claim. Your doctor is not likely to admit an error or be candid with you if the doctor or hospital caused an injury to you or your baby. Often, patients are left with a nagging feeling that something went wrong.

If we believe that your claim has merit, we will obtain your medical records and have them analyzed by a licensed medical professional who can attest whether your doctor failed to follow the standard of care and instead provided substandard care that caused your injury.

Our attorneys will calculate your losses due to the injury such as medical bills, missed work and future medical treatment, as well as pain and suffering. We will prepare and submit a claim to the ob-gyn’s malpractice insurance provider and negotiate vigorously for a just settlement. Frequently, the attorneys at The Colleran Firm can negotiate an out of court settlement and avoid the expense and uncertainty of a trial. If we receive an offer to settle your case, we will discuss it with you. The final decision about whether to settle will be up to you.

Types of Ob-Gyn Malpractice Compensation

People who have been injured by ob-gyn negligence in Pennsylvania may be eligible to seek compensatory damages to cover the costs of medical expenses and lost income as well as non-economic damages for pain and suffering.

Pennsylvania does not cap the amounts of compensation that a court may award for compensatory and non-economic damages.

Examples of Ob-Gyn Negligence

Much of the practice of obstetricians and gynecologists involves performing various types of medical procedures on patients, such as diagnostic tests, laparoscopic procedures and care during a pregnancy and delivery of a baby.  Many gynecological malpractice lawsuits are brought by patients who sustained some type of abnormal injury such as an organ puncture or perforation during a procedure.

Laparoscopic Surgery Errors — An ob/gyn doctor performing laparoscopic surgery may nick or sever an organ due to distortions in the depth of field when relying on a laparoscopic camera to operate. A surgeon may inadvertently perforate the bowel or another organ when making abdominal incisions to insert tools for laparoscopic surgery.
Failure to Diagnose Cancer — Some types of cancer that develop in female reproductive organs such as the cervix or uterus respond well to treatment if detected at an early stage. But failure to order the proper tests when confronted with suspicious symptoms such as abnormal pap smears, abnormal bleeding or pain may allow a cancer to advance and make it harder to manage.
Failure to Follow Safety Procedures—Safety protocols such as time out procedures and surgical safety checklists can prevent patient injuries. But the failure to follow safety protocols can lead to a preventable patient injury.
Improper Management of Pregnancy – A failure to properly manage the care of an expectant mother and developing fetus during pregnancy can jeopardize the lives of both the mother and baby.
Delay in Treatment of Fetal Distress— An obstetrician may fail to recognize or respond appropriately to warning signs of a difficult delivery and perform a caesarian section. Many birth injuries result from an obstetrician’s failure to perform a caesarian section during a difficult birth. This failure to act in a timely fashion may constitute obstetrical malpractice.

Did Your Doctor Follow the Standard of Care?

Not every medical error amounts to medical malpractice. Gynecologists, obstetricians and other medical providers have a legal duty to follow the recognized standard of care in delivering treatment to patients. An ob-gyn doctor who fails to follow the standard of care, such as failing to order appropriate tests that an ob-gyn doctor would reasonably be expected to order in a certain situation, may have failed to uphold his or her legal duty to the patient and be found to be negligent if an injury resulted.

As our attorneys investigate your case, we seek evidence to show that your ob-gyn failed to follow the recognized standard of care and that this failure resulted in your injury and the losses you have suffered.

Effects of Ob-Gyn Negligence

A failure to provide timely treatment by an ob-gyn can allow uterine or ovarian cancer to advance and make it more difficult to treat or leave a child with permanent disabilities due to a preventable birth injury. An obstetrician’s failure to perform a C-section in a timely manner can cause brain damage due to lack of oxygen, cerebral palsy, or other developmental issues that may lead to lasting disabilities.

Some serious injuries can lead to a lifetime of medical care and ongoing medical expenses. You and your family should not have to bear that burden of medical expenses alone. If a doctor’s negligence caused the injury, the doctor’s malpractice insurance should provide compensation to cover the costs of the ongoing care.

If you suspect you and your child have been injured by ob-gyn negligence and you are thinking, “I want to sue my ob-gyn”, then you should contact a knowledgeable medical malpractice lawyer as soon as possible.  The medical malpractice attorneys at The Colleran Firm are experienced with the complexities of ob-gyn mistakes and ob-gyn malpractice lawsuits. The Colleran Firm is ready to advocate on your behalf.

The attorneys at The Colleran Firm handle serious injury cases caused by health care provider negligence and medical malpractice in Pennsylvania & New Jersey.

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