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If you are a burn victim who was burned during a medical procedure, a burn injury lawyer at The Colleran Firm can help

People may sustain severe and disfiguring burn injuries from direct contact with flames, liquids, radiation, electricity or chemical exposure. An explosion in a car accident may cause a severe burn. A sophisticated X-ray used to make a diagnosis or guide a medical procedure may cause a radiation burn. Severe burn injuries are extremely painful, physically and emotionally. They require months off work for recovery, may require multiple skin grafts and can leave physical and psychological scarring.  If another’s negligence caused your burn injury, you may have a legal right to claim compensation to cover your medical bills and other expenses.

Many burn injuries are caused by someone else’s negligence or disregard for safety.  If you or a loved one has suffered a severe burn injury in Pennsylvania or New Jersey, call The Colleran Firm for trusted guidance about your legal options. Our attorneys have the experience and resources to pursue the maximum compensation on behalf of burn survivors. The legal team at The Colleran Firm has more than a century of combined legal experience and a record of success. We have secured numerous multi-million dollar verdicts related to burns, medical malpractice and other personal injuries in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Let us review the facts of your burn injury at no charge. We will offer an honest opinion about your legal options so that you have insight about how to move forward.

How the Colleran Firm Can Help

The two most relevant factors to consider when selecting an attorney are experience and results. The attorneys at The Colleran Firm have decades of experience and an outstanding record of case results.

Let us review your burn injury accident free of charge and answer your questions. If we find that your injury was caused by negligence and we represent you, we will do a thorough investigation of how the burn injury occurred. We will identify all the potentially liable parties and the insurance coverage available to provide compensation. We will calculate the extent of your losses from the burn injury including medical bills, physical therapy, counseling, lost income from missed work, future lost income if you cannot return to work, pain and suffering and other expenses.

The costs of burn injuries vary widely depending on the severity. Serious burns are one of the most costly injuries to treat, involving lengthy stays of weeks or months in hospitals and burn rehabilitation centers. The cost of treating a severe burn can quickly amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars, and may exceed the maximum amounts that your health insurance will cover, leaving you with debt you should not be responsible for paying.

We will negotiate aggressively on your behalf with the insurance companies for a settlement that reflects the seriousness of your burn injuries. In most cases, we are successful in negotiating a settlement without a trial. But if we are unable to reach a settlement with the insurance company, we will file a lawsuit and proceed to court.

We are seasoned trial attorneys. Our founding attorney has tried more than 150 major civil trials to verdict in Pennsylvania. He leads an accomplished team of trial attorneys. Our attorneys have been consistently included among Pennsylvania Super Lawyers® and awarded Martindale-Hubbell® AV Preeminent ratings as a result of their legal experience and professionalism.

We represent burn injury survivors on a contingent fee arrangement. You do not owe any legal fee unless we obtain compensation for you. If we secure a verdict or settlement for you, then we receive a portion of the amount as our payment. We know you have enough expenses at this stressful time in your life.

Types of Burns

Thermal Burns

Contact with flames represents about half of injuries to adults. Thermal burns also include scalds caused by hot liquids, steam, or grease. Scalding is the leading type of burn injury involving children. Explosions in car crashes also can cause thermal burns.

Contact Burns

Contact burns often occur during daily household activities. Touching a hot object such as a hot dish or hot iron or having hot substances spilled on the skill may produce a contact burn.  Many contact burns result in 3rd degree burns.

Chemical Burns

Skin contact with certain chemicals can cause severe burns. Industrial accidents often lead to chemical burns because of the presence of many chemicals at industrial sites.  Contact with flammable liquids, industrial chemicals, drainer cleaners, alkalis or strong acids may cause burn injuries. Victims of chemical burns may suffer persistent pain, indicating continuing damage to skin.  A chemical burn involving the eyes can be a potentially blinding injury. Victims of serious chemical burn injuries require transfer to special medical care at a burn center.

Electrical Burns

Electrical burns suffered by adults typically occur in workplaces. Defective electrical appliances or faulty switch boxes may cause electrical burns. The injury pattern of an electrical burn depends on the power source, voltage and and type of current. Low voltage currents can create deep contact burns and cause abnormal heart rhythms. High voltage electrical burns can cause extensive tissue damage and loss of limbs. Patients with an electrical burn injury often require hospitalization.

Radiation Burns

X-ray equipment used to guide procedures, tanning beds and radiation therapy may cause radiation burns. A doctor’s lack of adequate training to use a piece of equipment or other medical negligence is frequently a contributing factor in radiation burns. A defective piece of medical equipment also may administer an incorrect dosage of radiation and cause a serious radiation burn. Tanning beds and sunlamps emit ultraviolet radiation, and malfunctioning tanning equipment can cause a serious burn injury including irreversible damage to the eyes. You may have a product liability claim against an equipment manufacturer if a defective piece of medical equipment caused your burn injury.

How Severe is Your Burn Injury?

The classification system for burn injuries describes the extent of skin and underlying tissue damage and severity:

  • First degree burns affect the outer layer of skin. First degree burns may cause swelling, pain and redness and lead to some peeling skin. But they typically do not cause lasting damage. Sunburn is an example of a type of 1st degree burn.
  • Second degree burns cause damage to both the outer and under layer of skin— the epidermis and the dermis. A second degree burn on the face, hands, feet, groin, buttocks or a joint is considered a major burn. Depending on its location, a deep second degree burn may require skin grafts. Burn injury victims with second degree burns over 10 percent or more of the skin surface require special medical care.
  • Third degree burns involve destruction of the skin and underlying tissue and may also damage organs, muscles and bones. They are the most serious type and are often referred to as a full thickness burn. The site of the burn appears charred or whitened. Flame burns, high voltage electrical burns and chemical burns can cause third degree burns. Victims of third degree burns often need skin grafts because the layer of skin is destroyed. The extent of the body that is burned affects the outcome for a burn victim. Third degree burns may be fatal if they extend over a large area of the body and the victim does not receive prompt medical care.

The attorneys at The Colleran Firm handle serious injury cases caused by health care provider negligence and medical malpractice in Pennsylvania & New Jersey.

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